Small holiday thanks to the Tower Card!

Hiya sorry I haven’t been posting tarot blogs, I have had a short holiday from blogging mostly due to work and homework commitments. Plan to get back on track tomorrow! I think it was that Tower card that kept appearing in my personal spreads! 


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The Justice card can often mean that things are going to balance out in your favour. Their is a sense of fairness that comes along with this card. So if you have been struggling with a situation or a person, let it go an allow the scales to balance out. It can also indicate legal matters such as court proceedings, or contracts such as a new job. Namaste!

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The Knight of Cups is a romantic chappy. This dreamy knight often falls in love hard and fast, and then once it falls to pieces is left feeling that he has been let down or abandoned. Haven’t we all been there once in our lives? Well that is a Knight of Cups moment. This knight is also great at manifestation and can also suggest an offer, usually a romantic one. Namaste!

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Yes rush forward with your ideas, Knight of Swords. Harness this energy and don’t delay. This is the time to put your ponderings into action, even if others doubt your abilities. Don’t listen to them. Trust in yourself. The downside to the Knight of Swords is that he can reflect someone in your life who is mean spirited and maybe into excess, such as drugs or alcohol. Or maybe this could be reflecting an aspect of yourself. Time to take it down a notch? I will leave that one for you to decide. Namaste!

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This intelligent, sensitive, articulate and artistic man is one who is not overwhelmed by emotions. In fact he does not gaze at the cup in his hand, which could suggest that he needs to take some time out to get in touch with his deepest heart’s desires. What is it that he is scared to face ? Could this King of Cups be showing you today that you need to acknowledge your emotions and let them run free. Letting the lessons become clear and trust what your heart has to tell you. There is nothing to fear. Namaste!

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Nine of P

I ma happy to see the Nine of Pentacles after the past two day’s cards. There seem to be a theme of strife in people’s worlds. Well never fear, the Nine of Pentacles is here. I always love seeing this card in a spread. I am always drawn to the positive energy associated with the colour yellow and all the growth in the garden. Another comforting aspect is her relaxed attitude as she leans on a pentacle and holds the hawk in her hand. This is a time of being confident and allowing all of the good things in life to come to you. Relax, enjoy the warmth of the sun and the abundance in the garden. How delightful. Namaste!

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The Five of Wands represents conflict, tension and defeat. Have you become embroiled in a fight? Or are you even the cause of some tension in your workplace, family or friends? Now is the time to take a step back and be the bigger person. It might be time to say sorry, to walk away from a fight that can’t be won or try and be the bigger person in the scenario. Taking this approach can actually help your spiritual development. It is not worth having the negative energy in your world. Go forth with peace in your heart. Namaste!

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The Queen of Swords is a fierce woman who stands tall in her power, somewhat detached from her emotions. This detachment can come from a place of protecting herself due to past hurts. Sometimes we all need a little bit of the Queen of Swords in our lives. Sometimes we need to learn how to take a step back and detach from scenarios where people might be taking advantage of us. The key here is to not to become too detached from the people we love. Life is a constant dance where we have to find the balance of power between self preservation and altruism. Namaste!

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two of pentacles.png

Well, well, well. Mr duality juggler. Are you having to make a choice between two things? Are you weighing up your options at the moment? Hmmm always tough to make decisions. I guess you can sleep on it, write a pro’s and con’s list, or trust your inner voice and choose the path of least resistance. Good luck with your decision making. Another meaning to this card is that you might find yourself juggling lots of tasks/situations at the moment, possibly to do with finances. Breathe and take some time out for yourself. It will give you a fresh approach. Love Love. Namaste!

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6 of swords.jpg

The Six of Swords can be about a rite of passage. Sometimes there can be such sadness around this card with its meaning about grief. I was hoping to pull a card today that would reflect the abundance of love in people’s lives but never mind. Maybe this card can be happy too. Going through a spiritual rite of passage can bring an enormous amount of happiness. This card is all about the journey. So if you have been looking for confirmation that you are on the right path, you just received it. Namaste!